Beautiful and simple, yet complex.

Welcome to Slap IO, the last bot for you. See what we have to offer and join the growing community now!

What You're Missing...
Slap IO offers a clean, simple, and sleek UI to help you cop your favorite items! We keep it simple and handle the options, you just select what items you want.

Simple Task Creation

With SlapIO, making tasks has never been easier. Instead of having to research and look up what’s dropping, when something is dropping, and what keywords to use, Slap automatically preloads all products within the bot itself. Your setup is now only a couple clicks away, stress and hassle free. If you prefer to fine-tune your setup yourself, you are welcome to do so as well. Slap IO supports both automatic and manual task creation modes for all users, catering to all skill and experience levels.

Easy Proxy Creation

Slap’s easy proxy management page allows you to seamlessly control thousands of proxies without hassle. Create proxy groups to store proxies within the bot itself, allowing you to delete individual proxies and proxy groups with the click of a button. When creating tasks, you can instantly assign any proxy group to a sneaker task. Organizing your proxies using the Slap IO proxy manager is efficient and straight to the point—perfect for beginners.

Quick and Easy Profile Management

Quickly and easily manage all your billing, shipping, and payment information in one place. You can add, delete, and edit profiles all within a single window, saving you time when you need it most. Additionally, Slap IO supports profile importing and exporting, allowing all users to seamlessly import and export billing information to and from third party applications. All profile information is stored locally on your computer, meaning your data is secure on your machine.
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